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Quality rebuilt water pumps for over 20 years!

”Let the Dutchman stick his finger in your leaky water pump!”

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Beyond Repair?

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Flying Dutchman rebuilt water pumps are most often BETTER than new. Our 40 year reputation in the industry can say this because of our specialized attention to detail and quality control.

Rebuilt Water Pumps. Better than new?

Each pump is meticulously inspected, cleaned, machined and assembled to tolerances closer than that of the original manufacture.

Our 40 years of experience has enabled us to recognize and repair design weaknesses in many pumps. Whether that weakness exists in the bearings, impeller or seal, Flying Dutchman water pumps have what it takes to provide you with the best, "better than new" pump for your application. To prove it, every pump has a 3 year, transferable,
unlimited mileage warranty!

Flying Dutchman Rebuilt Water Pumps. “Better than new!”™

Toll Free 1-888-595-1110   Mon-Fri  8 AM - 4 PM Pacific Time