Better Than New?

Water Pumps

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Quality rebuilt water pumps for over 20 years!

”Let the Dutchman stick his finger in your leaky water pump!”

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Wade Jenezon, 650 Upper River Rd

Gold Hill, OR  97525    USA

Beyond Repair?

Toll free (U.S. and Canada) 1-888-595-1110  Outside the U.S., 1-541-450-2277

These photos show what can be done, even when you think all hope is lost!

Tony, “The Flying Dutchman”, personally inspects every unit that leaves the facility to ensure that it has received the highest quality and craftsmanship possible!

Process completed by brazing, and housing is ready to become a “Better Than New!”™ Flying Dutchman pump!

Here you see the broken outlet nipple and the machining done to facilitate the repair

A new nipple has been machined and ready to install

Is your pump really “beyond repair”?