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Rebuilt Cadillac Water Pumps.

Every rebuilt Cadillac water pump gets our “Better Than New”™ treatment! Bearings and seals are updated with American made parts wherever possible. All tolerances are checked and rechecked to ensure proper fit and function. Impellers are replaced as needed to ensure optimal coolant flow in even the most severe conditions.

All of our rebuilt Cadillac water pumps come with our unbeatable 3 year, transferable, unlimited mileage warranty!!

Does your 1937-1948 Cadillac pump leak? The left hand image below is the standard kit used by most water pump rebuilders for the 1937-1948 Cadillac. These kits, though new, are inherently prone to leakage due to the use of the original, outdated technology. The Flying Dutchman uses the kit on the right and machines your housing to exacting tolerances for an absolute, no-leak fit between the seal and the housing. Then the impeller is machined to accept a special mating ring that eliminates shaft seal leakage.

Has your newly rebuilt Cadillac water pump started leaking? Send it to us! We’ll fix it and give you our unbeatable 3 year, transferable, unlimited mileage warranty!

Here’s a sampling of our “Better Than New! rebuilt Cadillac water pumps!

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These rebuilt Cadillac water pumps went on to complete the 2007 “Peking to Paris” Road Race in a 1941 LaSalle. They fit 1937-1948 Flatheads

Here are some “before and after” rebuilt Cadillac water pumps. Click to enlarge.

Rebuilt 1923 Cadillac  water pumps

Rebuilt 1923 Cadillac  water pumps

Rebuilt 1932 Cadillac water pump with our exclusive, Flying Dutchman

Better Than New!”™ treatment!

A photo sent to us by a happy customer who’s Rebuilt 1955 Cadillac water pump received our exclusive, Flying Dutchman

Better Than New!”™ treatment!

We have 1937- 1962 Cadillac pumps in stock!